Our Brand

Cocktails in Hell is not just another cocktail mixer brand.
Our all-natural, premium Cocktails in Hell Mixers are made in small batches, and offer a “spirited” twist on your favorite flavors with the subtle infusion of ingredients like rosewater, hibiscus, ginger, and cardamom. Better than any cocktail or mocktail you'd order out, and a fraction of the price - right in your own home! 
Cocktails in Hell is a community.
This is where we come together (cocktail or mocktail in hand) to reclaim our spirit through laughter and friendship, no matter what hell is happening around us.  We are welcoming, uplifting, and more than a little badass.
Join our Cocktails in Hell Tribe. Life will never be the same again. We promise. We are Cocktails in Hell.
Gina Ghioldi, Founder (and Divorce Attorney)